My Company is Rebranding

Awhile ago, I decided to start a business themed media company called CWT Media. I created this blog, a podcast, and then another podcast for live shows. I’ve been creating tons of content on these platforms, and it is definitely my passion in life. But, I want to do more.

I want to create a network of business themed blogs all under the CWT brand. Blogging has definitely been my most successful business venture which is great because it’s the one I enjoy the most. On this blog, I mostly talk about my business life. I talk about my investments, my holding company, and other business projects. I want to also create more blogs under the CWT brand that talk about business topics that aren’t necessarily related to me. Perhaps, one blog will be about crypto news. One might also be a daily stock market recap. I’m honestly not sure; I just know that I want to create more branded blogs.

I also plan to start doing more work podcasting. I enjoy podcasting a lot, but I want to start connecting them more with my blog.

I essentially want to rebrand the company as a network of media platforms all under one brand and working together instead of my current situation where I have different platforms that don’t really interact.

I encourage everyone to follow my media company on Instagram and Twitter @cwtmedia20 and stay tuned for all the amazing things I am working to create.

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