The Goals of My Financial Education Newsletter

Things have been really busy for me lately as I have been working to release my $5 a month financial newsletter. I guess I need to name a release date soon. I’m considering November 1st, but I am not yet ready to fully commit to that day being launch day. I will say that itContinue reading “The Goals of My Financial Education Newsletter”

Gauging the Market

So, I recently had the idea of creating a financial education newsletter for $5 a month. After realizing how beneficial something like this would be, I knew I had to make this. For 5 dollars, one can get access to financial news, tips, theories, and more. Literally for the price of a trip to mcdonald’s,Continue reading “Gauging the Market”

I Need Your Help…

I need everyone to do me a quick favor. I am considering starting a financial education newsletter and giving people access to the newsletter at $5 a month. The newsletter will be designed to help people learn more about investing, budgeting, and other financial topics, and I think that it could be a successful newsletter.Continue reading “I Need Your Help…”

Expanding My Consulting Business

So, a few weeks ago I started doing financial consulting. I started doing that because of the unfortunate reality that 39% of Americans have 0 dollars invested in the stock market. It was a fact that really bothered me, so I launched a new service to try and help people with their finances. After doingContinue reading “Expanding My Consulting Business”

The Launch of my Business Store

Around two days ago, I launched The Business Store through teespring. You can check it out at I made the site with various business themed clothing designs, and I also added the digital guide I made on how to make money through creating content. I have a lot of goals with this store, butContinue reading “The Launch of my Business Store”

I’ve Been Doing a lot of Podcasting

Over the past few days, I have been doing a lot of podcasting. I’ve really been enjoying the episodes that I have been producing, and I would like to start going daily on my main podcast The CWT Business Audio Show. It still amazes me how the show has developed since it first launched. IContinue reading “I’ve Been Doing a lot of Podcasting”

I Have Some Exciting News…

I have a very exciting announcement. My last few blog posts have been talking about a financial education company that I want to start, and yesterday, I made an important step in that. It is time to start making revenue for the company, and I have figured out how to do that while making theContinue reading “I Have Some Exciting News…”

I Want More People to Invest

A few days ago, I launched a new blog all about finance called, and I have kind of been creating an entire business around it. I have started doing a lot of financial consulting work through this blog. I never intended to go this route, but because of the content I put out, IContinue reading “I Want More People to Invest”

Can I Beat the S&P 500?

One thing that I find very interesting about investing is the fact that hardly anyone beats the S&P 500 long-term. In fact, Warren Buffett famously bet a million dollars against a hedge fund that a bet in the S&P would beat the hedge fund. Warren Buffett got an annual return of 10% across 10 yearsContinue reading “Can I Beat the S&P 500?”

CWT: Financial Consultant

A few days ago, I launched a new finance themed blog Finance has always been a huge passion of mine, and after seeing how little some people know about finance, I realized that something has to be done. It is something that people need to have an understanding of, but I also recognize thatContinue reading “CWT: Financial Consultant”

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