The Goals of My Financial Education Newsletter

Things have been really busy for me lately as I have been working to release my $5 a month financial newsletter. I guess I need to name a release date soon. I’m considering November 1st, but I am not yet ready to fully commit to that day being launch day. I will say that it will be November 1st most likely. In order to see how many people I can expect to sign up for launch day, I have released a waiting list for the newsletter which I encourage you to join through this link

I really don’t know how many people I was expecting to sign up. On one hand, this is a newsletter that is offering financial news, theories, and analysis for just $5 so joining it should be the easiest decision in the world to make, but on the other hand, I didn’t really know how my current audience would react. I have put exactly $0 into marketing this newsletter so far so all the presignups that I have gotten so far have been through my current audience. While I do plan to pump a ton of cash into marketing for this newsletter, I plan to do this by dumping all the money my newsletter makes for the first few months into Facebook ads to grow the newsletter. While this does delay profitability, it will lead to increased future profits.

If I am able to launch the newsletter on November 1st, I plan to have 600 subscribers by December 31. That will mean that the newsletter will be bringing in 3k a month. My goal is to get the newsletter to 1,000 subscribers which will generate 5k a month. While long-term, I want the newsletter to do way more in revenue than that so that I can hire researchers and writers, I think that this is a good short term goal as it provides enough to keep advertising so that the newsletter can keep growing.

My presigns have taught me that people are interested in this newsletter and that most people do understand the value. This has been absolutely amazing to know as it shows the legitimacy of this business idea. I created this newsletter so that people could cheaply learn more about finance, and it seems like this is something of value to people judging by my presigns.

If you have not yet joined the waiting list, I invite you to join through

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Gauging the Market

So, I recently had the idea of creating a financial education newsletter for $5 a month. After realizing how beneficial something like this would be, I knew I had to make this. For 5 dollars, one can get access to financial news, tips, theories, and more. Literally for the price of a trip to mcdonald’s, you can get access to financial content.

While, to me, it seems like subscribing to this newsletter is kind of a no brainer, I needed to see if people actually would subscribe to this. I wanted to make sure this was a profitable idea before going through all the trouble of investing cash into this and spending so much time on this. This isn’t going to be a easy job for me. I will have to spend all of my time learning as much as possible so that I can relay that knowledge to all of you.

In order to see if people would actually subscribe to this thing, I decided to create a waiting list. You can add yourself to the waiting list here – This waiting list allowed me to see how many subscribers I would actually have upon launch. I will be putting all of that revenue into advertising the newsletter through Facebook ads. I don’t expect this idea to make a profit for several months. If I make 250 dollars the first month, I will invest that $250 into Facebook ads which should bring the next months total to $300 which will also go back into the company.

I realized through doing the waiting list experiment that while my current audience does show a proof of concept, it isn’t going to get me to my goal of a thousand subscribers. To hit a thousand subscribers, I need to advertise.

By gauging my audience and seeing who would buy this, I have proved to me that this is something that is worth putting time into. There are people who are really interested in a service like this, and since I keep it affordable, I am the obvious choice. Now, it is time to go beyond my current audience and get more subscribers.

I strongly encourage you taking the time to add your name to the waiting list of this newsletter

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I Need Your Help…

I need everyone to do me a quick favor. I am considering starting a financial education newsletter and giving people access to the newsletter at $5 a month. The newsletter will be designed to help people learn more about investing, budgeting, and other financial topics, and I think that it could be a successful newsletter.

What I need your help with is figuring out if this idea is a good one or a terrible one. Basically, I don’t plan to launch the newsletter for a few months, but I want to make sure that when I do launch it, it will have a good amount of subscribers already. I don’t want to launch it and then find out that no one wants it.

So, if this is something that you will buy, send me an email at and tell me. I want to have 100 people committed to purchasing before I release this newsletter, and if this is something that you would buy, tell me so that I can add you to the confirmed list.

I need your help validating this idea, and if you could sacrifice a few minutes, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You.

Expanding My Consulting Business

So, a few weeks ago I started doing financial consulting. I started doing that because of the unfortunate reality that 39% of Americans have 0 dollars invested in the stock market. It was a fact that really bothered me, so I launched a new service to try and help people with their finances.

After doing this these last few weeks, I realized that I really like helping people. It’s so rewarding. There are people out there that are now investing that weren’t before they met me. That’s amazing. That excites me. That is why I do what I do.

While I still am doing a lot of financial consulting work, I want to also start doing business consulting as well. I’ve been doing a lot of business projects over these past few years, and I have met a lot of fellow entrepreneurs that are trying to get started. I want to help them. I want to help build the next generation of businesses. That is why I am expanding my consulting business.

I’m expecting to do more financial consulting than business consulting as that is where my content is leading me, but I feel better knowing that I have this service available to people as well.

If this is something that you are interested in, you can schedule a consulting call through this link Once you fill out the application, it’ll get added to my list, and I will schedule a time as soon as possible.

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Also, check out my personal business themed store here –

The Launch of my Business Store

Around two days ago, I launched The Business Store through teespring. You can check it out at I made the site with various business themed clothing designs, and I also added the digital guide I made on how to make money through creating content. I have a lot of goals with this store, but I am extremely surprised how well it sold since launch.

The reason my store has gotten so many sales so far is because of various reasons. The main one being success from networking. The item that has sold the most so far on my store is the Bitcoin shirts that I made. The reason for this is because that I know quite a bit of Bitcoin supports so when I made the shirts I sent them the link which was perfect because it was something that they wanted. Networking allowed me to sell those shirts really well.

I’ve created tons of apparel so far in my career. I even launched a clothing brand called Divine Era. I wouldn’t call Divine Era a failure because it did everything it was supposed to do, but I wouldn’t really say it was a huge success either. This is something that my other attempts at apparel have in common. It looks like those days are over though. My new business themed store is selling well, and I believe will start doing even better. I am in talks with a lot of different distributors trying to sell my clothing in bulk to them so that they can sell it in their stores as well.

Selling to distributors is where the big money is. If I can sell huge orders to other stores and get recurring revenue that way, my store will be able to make quite a bit of money FAST. While I could focus on direct to consumer sales and I am to some extent, I am mostly focusing on selling to other stores.

When it comes to selling direct to consumer, I am doing a lot of work in that category on Facebook. Basically selling to interested groups.

I’m really excited to see how my store will continue to grow.

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I’ve Been Doing a lot of Podcasting

Over the past few days, I have been doing a lot of podcasting. I’ve really been enjoying the episodes that I have been producing, and I would like to start going daily on my main podcast The CWT Business Audio Show. It still amazes me how the show has developed since it first launched. I originally made it as a SoundCloud exclusive, and it was originally going to be just 3 minute advice audio clips. Now, it is a full podcast on essentially every platform.

Anyways, I have been making a lot of episodes for the show lately, and I am working on becoming a daily uploader. I would really appreciate you clicking this link and subscribing to the podcast on whatever platform you want.

This isn’t the only podcast I have been uploading on. My former college roommate and I relaunched our old podcast recently, and the episodes have been pretty amazing so far. Both of us have started businesses which allow us to talk about different sales strategies we use and how we get clients. We produced two episodes so far for the podcast, and they are both fantastic episodes that I am very proud of. You can check that out here –

It is some really amazing work so far, and I really hope you all at least check it out. The CWT Business Audio Show is my personal podcast that I have been uploading on for awhile. The one i’m doing with my former roommate is one that I really don’t know what my plan is. I’m really just doing it for fun.

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I am a financial consultant who wants to help you with investing and budgeting. Check out my services by clicking this link and follow financebycwt on Instagram.

I Have Some Exciting News…

I have a very exciting announcement. My last few blog posts have been talking about a financial education company that I want to start, and yesterday, I made an important step in that. It is time to start making revenue for the company, and I have figured out how to do that while making the world a better place which is why I built this business in the first place.

There are two services that I am currently offering, and there will be more to come. I built this page on my finance blog that details my services and the prices for everything. I would greatly appreciate you clicking this link and checking it out –

I decided to offer financial consulting where people can schedule a call with me so that I can help them with their budgeting and planning for retirement. I realized that many people do not know much about these topics which is unfortunate because these are very important topics. I will use my consulting services to help people in this way.

I also am offering long term help on finances. Unfortunately, most people that offer these services are much too costly for the average person to afford, and some take huge fees on the money they are helping manage. While I could have priced in that range, that goes against my mission. My mission is to help everyone know how to mange their money and save for retirement. I can’t do that by pricing out my target market. That is why I priced my services how I did.

I am helping people learn about finance for free through my finance blog, but if one wants even more information, they can now get that.

I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am knowing that I will be helping people with a huge problem. 39% of Americans are not investing and many have nothing at all set for retirement. By the time I die, that will no longer be a true fact.

I really want to help people comfortably retire, and I would love for those reading this to check out

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I Want More People to Invest

A few days ago, I launched a new blog all about finance called, and I have kind of been creating an entire business around it. I have started doing a lot of financial consulting work through this blog. I never intended to go this route, but because of the content I put out, I had a lot of people asking me for tips on finance related topics and this lead to me exploring this as a business idea further. Now, I am spending a lot of my free time pursuing financial education as a business, and I do believe that this is only the beginning.

I decided to explore going into financial education because I came across a statistic that annoyed me. 39% of Americans have 0 dollars in the stock market. This honestly depresses me. Investing into the stock market is a fantastic way to create wealth for people, and it can give them the ability to retire without worry. It bothers me that this is a true fact, and I intend on changing this. My goal is to help that 39% achieve a healthy future though investing and budgeting. I can’t think of any goal that would be better to have. Financial education is how I plan to change the world for the better.

This is no easy to task. I can’t help people create a budget that allows them to invest extra money without them letting me. They won’t let me if they don’t realize their lack of investing is a problem which believe it or not is unknown to some of this 39%. I am honestly not sure exactly how I will overcome this, but I am certain that I will overcome this. I have to. I actually think the blog will be a big part of this. Through, I will be able to show people why they should be investing. I just have to then figure out how to get this blog in front of that 39%. It won’t be easy.

I am super excited for this challenge. I really hope that because of my work someone will be able to comfortably retire that otherwise would not have been able to do so. That is my mission.

If you are interested in learning how to better budget or learning how to invest, email me at, and I would love to help you!

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Can I Beat the S&P 500?

One thing that I find very interesting about investing is the fact that hardly anyone beats the S&P 500 long-term. In fact, Warren Buffett famously bet a million dollars against a hedge fund that a bet in the S&P would beat the hedge fund. Warren Buffett got an annual return of 10% across 10 years while the hedge fund got 2%. The simple fact is that while trading regularly you’ll have some great years some bad years and almost always will end lower than what you would have gotten by just letting it stay in the S&P. So why do people actively trade?

Obviously, I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for me so I will say why I actively trade. I feel like everyone thinks they will be part of the few that do beat the S&P. Even though they know that most don’t, they believe they will. That is why I actively trade. I do have most of my money in the S&P, but I also put a lot into individual stocks that I believe in. I do a tremendous amount of research in stocks before making my investments, and I do believe that these returns will beat my S&P investment. That is not the main reason I actively invest though. The main reason is that it is more fun.

While I could just place a bet on the S&P, it is simply not as fun as actively researching stocks and trading. As my readers know, I use the robo investment app Acorns. I have acorns set to automatically invest money each week, and I don’t ever look at it or touch it at all. I just have it in the background making money. That is boring. That is why I also use SoFi to actively trade and pick stocks myself. That is fun.

I recognize that most people do not beat the S&P 500, but I do believe that my stocks will. I also like supporting companies that I do believe in like SoFi and Spacemobile. By buying their stock, I am able to show my support and see if I am right about their future.

I do look forward to going back to this post 10 years from now and seeing if I was right.

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CWT: Financial Consultant

A few days ago, I launched a new finance themed blog Finance has always been a huge passion of mine, and after seeing how little some people know about finance, I realized that something has to be done. It is something that people need to have an understanding of, but I also recognize that most people are not willing to devote all of their time to learning about it. Fortunately, I am. Learning about the world of finance is one of my favorite things to do. It is what I love doing. I will be putting what I learn into the blog so that those who aren’t willing to spend all their time on this subject will be able to learn about it anyways.

I have also decided to do some financial consulting work as well. The reason for this is because it was actually a service people have requested from me before, so I realized that I should probably look into doing it more. Helping people learn how to budget and manage their money is something that I have been doing already, and I want to expand upon that.

It also seemed like a good way to monetize the blog. I monetize this one by advertising my business projects, I monetize my crypto one through Coinbase, and I want to monetize my finance blog through consulting work.

One thing that had be nervous about doing financial consulting is my age. Since I am young, a lot of people would look at that and wrongfully assume that that correlates with knowledge. That was my concern. I figured that that would actually be fixed from the blog because by reading it people would be able to better understand my knowledge in the field.

I am excited to see where this all goes.

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